Lances & Guns

Code: 3151
•Delivers nine patterns - cone, fan, flat, angle, jet, mist, soaker, shower and quad...
£16.75 Ex VAT
Code: 3152
•High-quality, ergonomic GEKA Watering Lance designed for fatigue-free watering and...
£43.45 Ex VAT
Code: 3153
•Ideal for watering hanging baskets •Nozzle angle 135° •Strong aluminium shaft •H...
£115.95 Ex VAT
Code: 3191
Replacement Rose
£9.95 Ex VAT
Code: 3157
•Combines fantastic looks, comfortable soft touch ergonomics with a range of genuine...
£34.45 Ex VAT
Code: 3178
•Long reach watering - perfect for hanging baskets •Extendable handle •180° adjust...
£41.95 Ex VAT