Safety Boots

Code: P-0218
•Budget boot suitable for temp staff •Steel toecap and midsole •For best value alt...
£19.75 Ex VAT
Code: P-0165
•Heavy duty PVC/ nitrile wader •100% Waterproof •Steel toecap and midsole Conforma...
£57.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0900
•Very comfortable for tasks that involve a lot of walking •Excellent for litter pic...
£42.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0891
•Lightweight boot due to composite toecap and midsole •Suitable for general tasks •...
From £33.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0973
Non-metallic composite toe cap and midsole Energy absorbing heel to reduce foot fatig...
£39.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0600
Heat resistant sole Waterproof lining Protective scuff cap Composite toe cap and mids...
£49.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0352
•An extremely tough boot especially suited for landscaping and cemetery work •Water...
£64.75 Ex VAT
Code: P-1670
•Takes longer to break in than the Sartra Monsoon boot but is very hard-wearing •W...
£84.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0869
• Heavier, harder wearing but less comfortable than the Sartra Monsoon boot due...
£49.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0204
•Waterproof •Steel toecap and midsole •Washable nylon lining Conformance: EN 2034...
£16.95 Ex VAT

Lavoro Work Socks

Code: 901743-L
Code: 901743-L
£9.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-1681
•Tough boot suitable for tasks like digging and planting •Waterproof •Rubber scuf...
£59.95 Ex VAT