Tools & Equipment

Code: 5150
•Can be filled with water or sand •Scraper blade which ensures the drum is kept cle...
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Code: 6230
•Large diameter, more durable stainless steel frame •Positive on/off side deflector...
£995.00 Ex VAT
Code: 2381
Heavy duty steel frame encloses stiff nylon bristle heads. General applications for t...
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Code: 5428
A fast, low-effort way to spread over a substantial area, combining a sizeable 3.66m...
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Dragmat 6'

Code: 2385
Code: 2385
Constructed from steel with a chain bridle, handle and connection draw bar that can b...
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Code: 2388
Code: 2388
Very lightweight but robust levelawn with slight fl exibility to allow for minor grou...
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Dew Brush

Code: 2395
Code: 2395
231 PLANTING & TURFCARE Visit Call 020 3191 9901 Dragbrush Code Detail...
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Code: 2396
For removal of dew and worm casts from greens and other fi ne turf. Aluminium constru...
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Code: 8880
•Used to sample and control ground conditions for plantations, resistance and other...
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Code: 2397
Replacement Switch Tip
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Code: 2393
High-quality frame for marking out a clear crease on your cricket wicket. Manufacture...
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