Hi-Vis Waistcoat

Code: P-0293
Code: P-0293
•Velcro fastening Conformance: EN 471 Class 2
£3.75 Ex VAT
Code: P-0330
•Cost effective protection from debris when strimming or low risk weedkiller sprayin...
£3.25 Ex VAT
Code: 0449
HSE compliant. 600ml 0449
£2.65 Ex VAT
Code: 0702
Although no glove is puncture proof, TurtleSkin’s patented ‘aramid weave’ fabric offe...
£107.57 Ex VAT
Code: 5171
•Heavy duty wipe especially suited for workshops and heavy dirt/ grime •Removes wet...
(RRP £9.95 Save 40%) From £5.95 Ex VAT
Code: 5501
•Specially suited for groundcare and streetcare operatives •Extremely cost effecti...
£7.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0115
•Light can be removed easily and recharged by USB •Brightness 150 lumens •Run time...
£12.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0480
•Industry-lading protective glove for protection against sharp hazards such as needl...
£59.95 Ex VAT
Code: P-0841
•Best-selling and very cost-effective grip glove •Suitable for most tasks includin...
£0.99 Ex VAT
Code: P-0900
•Very comfortable for tasks that involve a lot of walking •Excellent for litter pic...
£42.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0434
Single person kit conforming to HSE regulations Supplied in carry bag (15cm x 20cm x...
£7.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0466
HSE compliant. 4 litre 0466
£3.25 Ex VAT