Respiratory Protection

Dust Masks

Code: 0414
Code: 0414
•Ideal for relief from grass cutting during the dry season where nuisance dust is cr...
£5.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0406
•Suited for applications involving dust, mists and fibres •Protects from solid, oil...
£6.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0415
•Protects against fine toxic dust, fumes and water-based mists •Ideal for common we...
£7.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0407
•Protects against solid and liquid particles of high toxicity •Adjustable nose bar...
£19.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0765
•High performance exhalation valve to reduce heat and provide comfort when used in h...
£12.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0766
To suit the Single Filter Respirator 0765 Gas and dust filter that protects against o...
£34.95 Ex VAT
Code: 0416
The civilian mask is a 3-Ply mask for general use in daily life and for non-medical e...
£4.95 Ex VAT