Pole Saws & Pruners

Code: 2145
•Robust aluminium extendable pole with 8 locking positions •Impulse-hardened Japane...
£56.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2163
•Nylon handle with standard alloy lining •Stainless steel blade bevelled on one sid...
£23.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2138
•Fibreglass extendable pole. •Whetstone-ground razor tooth blade, sharpened on thre...
£85.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2139
Replacement Blade
£29.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2142
•Cuts fresh wood up to 32mm in diameter •Extends to 4m allowing pruning at height w...
£115.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2575
•Oval shaped pole providing precise control over the direction of the blade (especia...
£174.52 Ex VAT
Code: 2576
Length: 2.35- 4.9m (extendable)
£213.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2577
Length: 2.344- 6.3m (extendable)
£270.26 Ex VAT
Code: 2578
Blade length: 15"/380 mm
£65.86 Ex VAT
Code: 2579
•Ratchet-operated lopper head accessory for the Silky Hayauchi pole saw series •Pre...
£55.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2544
Replacement blade for 2117 Bellota pruning saw Size: 13"/330mm
£18.95 Ex VAT