Code: 2895
•Excellent value and ideal for regular commercial use •Suited for all general cutti...
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(RRP £13.65 Save 12%) From £11.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2899
Designed for general purpose pruning. Japanese stainless-steel blade for a clean prec...
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Code: 2187
•Almost identical to Felco No.2 •Lightweight and well-balanced •Clean precise cut...
£19.45 Ex VAT
Code: 2189
•Suited to professional horticulturalists for formative and precise pruning •Alumi...
£46.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2811
Replacement Blade
£13.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2814
Replacement Spring (2)
£5.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2805
•Ergonomic re-design of the original Felco No.2 secateurs •Replacement parts availa...
£46.75 Ex VAT
Code: 2806
•Left-handed version of the Felco No.8 secateurs •Replacement parts available
£46.75 Ex VAT
Code: 2532
Replacement blade to suit 2187 Bellota Secateur
£8.35 Ex VAT
Code: 2533
Replacement spring to suit 2187 Bellota Secateur
£1.98 Ex VAT
Code: 2803
•Compact secateurs ideal for smaller hands •Tapered cutting head •Replacement part...
£43.95 Ex VAT
Code: 2804
•Rotating handles to reduce operator effort •Replacement parts available
£59.95 Ex VAT